Rajasthan Tours The Complexity of a Simple life

October 22, 2010

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Rajasthan Tours

Rajasthan Tours

Imagine expanses of sand that blur your vision under the relentless sun. Sedate camels that walk unaffectedly as the sand makes way for their slender legs. Imagine a place where you walk through a grand promenade and find a breathtaking palace awaiting you. And just when you thought the good life cannot get better, you are overwhelmed by another structure which makes the first look trivial. This is Rajasthan – Where one experience is greeted by a larger one.

Rajasthan has always been a favourite of travellers only because of the many experiences that it boasts of. You do not always need a schedule to travel through Rajasthan. You can just land in a city that you fancy, and then decide to take a long walk. Every lane is filled with a delight that tickles your senses and stirs the soul. This is the beauty of Rajasthan Travel.

Rajasthans palaces and forts are by far the grandest structures, perhaps in the entire world. It is not just the way that they are built, but also the character and class that typifies them which gives them an edge. Royalty continue to reside in some of the palaces, and meeting them reaffirms your faith in their reign. They are approachable, welcoming and have the finest quality of class and humility. Coming away meeting a royal of Rajasthan in the most humbling, enriching experience you will have had. They have access to the best things in life, but it is the smaller detail which they have an eye for, and this sets them apart.

Book your Rajasthan Tour today, and savour a life that baffles, engulfs, tempts and welcomes you all at once.

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