The Most Splendid Elements of Rajasthan Tours

December 24, 2010

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Rajasthan is a mystery that several travellers come to solve, but even repeated visits prove insufficient, and the traveller who comes to conquer stays back humbled. Rajasthan Tours and their unique experiences bring large contingents of tourists through the year.

It is almost impossible to enumerate all the experiences you are allowed in Rajasthan. Every minute in Rajasthan is a lifetime of thrilling moments, the kind that go to create history. And that is what it is, a history that you and Rajasthan come to create.

The most popular experiences in Rajasthan are broadly grouped together to form comprehensive tours set to regale every traveller. The greatest travel packages in Rajasthan are enumerated below.

The Colours of Rajasthan The beautiful experiences of Rajasthan are further accentuated by rich colours that are experienced all over the land. The clothes are weaves that combine contrasts of bring hues, and the colours of the cities and towns are brought out not only by the splendour of architecture, but also their sophistication and style. The greatest cities that showcase the true colours of Rajasthan Tour packages include Udaipur, Jaipur, Pushkar and Bikaner.

Elements of the Golden Triangle Many people look forward to the Rajasthan leg of the Golden Triangle Tours. This is not merely for the experience that Jaipur allows, but also as a contrast between the other two cities, Agra ad Delhi. The experience of Rajasthan after completing the other cities on the circuit brings a pleasant change, interesting perspective and fresh delights.

Desert Tours The desert is a favourite among all those who come on a Rajasthan Tour. There is plenty that is to be enjoyed, the deep, scorching sun, sandy dunes and even desert life. The interesting dimension of the Thar Desert is the glamour, rustic grandeur and majesty that surrounds it. Desert towns are great havens that bring together the best of desert life and palatial living. A wonderful part of desert tours are the long camel safaris that help you get close to the land in native style, and also jeep safaris that allow you a rush of ripping through the dunes at great speed.

Cultural Tours The culture of Rajasthan is rich, full of lessons in humility, hospitality and honour. There is truth; simplicity and sincerity in the people which reflects not only in the experience you have with them, but also in the hospitality which they extend. The rich history is apparent in lit palaces and forts, and also in the songs and stories which are still extolled with passion and reverence. The music, dance and arts of the region have a strong appeal with locals and tourists alike.

The call of the wild Wildlife in Rajasthan is an experience which you cannot afford to ignore. The wildlife parks in Rajasthan have some extraordinary sights that you will be lucky to have. Luxury awaits you in the form of grand resorts which are ensconced in ordinary looking tents reinforced with mud. Some of the best sightings in the resorts include the black buck, tiger, leopard and chital.

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